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  • Chicks

  • Turkeys

  • Ducks

  • Guineas


  • Red Sex Links (golden reds)

  • Barred Rocks

  • Rhode Island Reds

  • Cornish Cross

  • Broadwhite Turkeys

  • White Pekin Ducks

  • Indian Runners

  • Mallard Ducks

  • Khaki Ducks

who we are


Reich Poultry Farm, Inc. has more than 50 years of poultry business experience. Our second-generation owner has accumulated the knowledge to provide the best service at affordable prices. We use a U.S. Pullorum Typhoid Clean State program through the USDA and State of Pennsylvania to ensure the quality of our poultry. We are a seasonal business, open from March to October/November.

Just starting out?

Raise Your Own Poultry for Food, Fun, and Profit
Being aware of what you feed your poultry not only improves the quality and taste of the meat and eggs, but assures you that your family is not getting undesirable chemicals or additions often found in many commercial products. A nice flock of well cared for poultry can be a never ending source of pleasure and profit. Keep what you can eat and amaze yourself with the demand for home raised
meat and eggs from friends and neighbors.

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