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Broad White Turkeys

Broad White Turkeys

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Broad White Turkeys
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For those of you looking to raise and sell turkeys this one is for you. The white feathers make for a beautiful bird with unblemished skin. This robust turkey will grow great indoors or outside. The breast size on these birds is outstanding. Excellent feed conversion. Highly disease resistant. No better meat turkey anywhere. Fun to watch strutting their white plumage around your farm.


How do I start turkeys?

Start turkeys using an infra-red heat lamp or adequate brooder. Keep corners of brooder rounded with no 90 degrees to avoid piling in corners. Maintain 90 to 95 degrees for the first week. Reduce the temperature 5 degrees each week until 70 to 75 degrees is reached. Keep dry on a non-slip surface feeding a high protein wild game starter for the first six to eight weeks.

Do you sell turkeys year-round?

No, they are seasonal. April Through August.

What is the minimum order of turkeys?

5 Turkeys is the minimum order preferably in warm weather.

What days of the week do turkeys ship?

Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the country.

What if turkeys are lost during shipment?

Anything lost in shipment is refunded or replaced.

Key Points

  • Economical
  • Large Double Breasted
  • Clean Blemish Free Skin
  • Non Gmo


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Elain Kennedy
Always Pleased

We have always been pleased with the Broad White Turkeys from Reich’s Poultry. We were drawn to your poultry because of higher costs at other larger hatcheries and we’ve been wonderfully satisfied. Poults are thriving! Elaine from Twin Brook Camillus Farm, LLC.

James Rasmussen
Great hatchery to work with! I’ll

We got 16 turkeys, 150 Cornish cross, and 15 reds. We’ve had remarkable survival rates, only issue we have had this year was one shipment the postal service “misplaced”. Reich refunded the losses instantly. Great hatchery to do work with ont rack to have 149 Cornish cross in the freezer, 16 turkeys in the freezer and 12 of our reds made it in spite of the post office. Thanks for a great season Reichs!

Bob Beckmann
Turkey poults

They arrived happy and lively . Very pleased how well they are doing .

Audrey Perez

Turkeys are doing well. I have had them for 1 week.

william erhardt

excellent , already referred two people. birds came in healthy and happy

Thank you for the great review!