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Golden Red

Golden Red

Golden Red
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Our Golden Reds lay up to 300 eggs a year reaching 95% productivity or better. Eggs are large brown that have excellent color, shape, shell texture and strength. The pullets are golden red with white in neck, wings, and tail. Cockerels are mostly white with red in neck, wings, and tail. Being a small-bodied bird, it consumes less feed but produces more eggs. Extremely cold hearty the Golden Red can lay year-round anywhere in the country. Pullets start laying around 16-18 weeks and peak at 26 weeks.


How can you tell males and females apart?

Golden Reds are a sex link hybrid. Females are red, Males are white. 

When will my Golden Reds start to lay?

As early as 16 weeks!

Are Golden Reds tame?

Yes, one of the most docile breeds available. With continuous human interaction these chickens will become your best friends following you around for treats. 

Do they forage?

Due to their curious characters, Red Sex Link Chickens are also perfect foragers. They enjoy slugs and bugs as their primary diet. And no pest goes undetected by their watchful eyes. Having a few Red Sex Link Chickens will eradicate any problems and hinder them in the future.

Are they broody?

No, golden reds are not associated with going broody.

Key Points

  • Low feed consumption
  • High Egg Production
  • Cold Hearty
  • Large Brown Eggs
  • Friendly, Docile
  • Lay Year Round


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan Russo
^6th year with Reich's

They are always good to us, add in extra chicks and ship securely/quickly. Never had an issue, everything always perfect! Thank you!!! !! !

Olga Starikova

Golden Red chicks

Bradley Brown
Chicks are doing great!

My chicks arrived in the middle of the week that I expected them to arrive. Reich's Poultry was great at sending email updates for when the shipment process started with the label being printed, when the delivery was en route, and when the chicks were delivered. The chicks that were delivered are doing great and I could not be more pleased. I cannot speak to the customer service as everything was perfect and didn't require any additional assistance.

Daniel Quiroz Romero

Golden Red

William Swift

All received in good condition and they are thriving