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Meat Farming & Bug Control

Egg Quantity

Low (2/wk)




4 Pounds

Heat Tolerance

Tolerates Heat Well

Cold Tolerance

Hardy in Winter

French Guineas

French Guineas

French Guineas
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Guineas are very tasty meat bird when fried or prepared like a pheasant. They are also commonly used for bug and rodent control. These French Guineas grow twice as fast as other varieties reaching 4 pounds in 12 weeks. These birds can also protect your property and will alert you to predators.


Do guineas lay eggs?

Yes, they can lay up to 100 per year.

Can guineas reproduce?

Yes, these guineas can and will reproduce.

Are guineas good to eat?

The meat of young guineas is tender and tastes like that of wild game. The meat is lean and rich in essential amino acids.

Are guineas easy to keep?

There's no denying that guinea fowl are relatively easy to keep, providing you have plenty of space and no near neighbors.

key points

  • Hearty 
  • Fast Growing
  • Foragers
  • Pest Control


Customer Reviews

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Hey, I want to get in on the fun! I have ordered from Reich's probably 15 + years. I have never had an issue that they didn't resolve and only had one issue from a third-party duck order.

Farmer EA
Farmer EA

I've been getting birds from Reich's for way more than 10 years and have always found their service good and their staff friendly and helpful.

Maya Cherry
Chicken Lady

I have ordered from Reich's for probably 8 years. They are a small company compared to other hatcheries. I have had good service,
prompt delivery and the right number of chicks with low delivery mortality
They have a limited selection of birds... the most popular, primarily. Order early...right after I order mine